Instant Photos Instant Gratifaction

Lab quality photos delivered onsite in minutes to your classmates. 

Each photo is delivered with your school's name and graduation year printed on the photo. 

I will arrange to photograph your class as well as the elementary, junior high and any group that is requested. I fill the picture frame with people not empty space, this way everyone can be seen clearly in the photos.

I will take table shots at dinner and candid's throughout the evening. 

 5 x 7's and 8 x 10's are available at a nominal fee. Each photo is delivered onsite in a protective plastic sleeve/frame. Credit cards accepted.


Printed On Site

​​​Phone(317) 255-6233

Phone(317) 255-6233

  • September3:34
  • Groovin'2:31
  • 5:09
  • You've Got a Friend4:27

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